[Mono-list] cvsweb/viewcvs

Garrett Rooney rooneg@electricjellyfish.net
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 14:48:13 -0400

On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 02:45:25PM -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> On 08 Aug 2001 14:07:56 -0400, Garrett Rooney wrote:
> > would it be possible to get viewcvs or cvsweb set up for our repository?  it
> > would be handy to have.
> I would prefer a bonsai/lxr setup, personally. Mmmm... diffs.

to each his own...  i guess i'm used to cvsweb from FreeBSD.  of course,
viewcvs is much nicer, so i'd suggest going with that.

of course there's no reason we can't have both bonsai/lxr and viewcvs...  as
long as someone is willing to install them ;-)

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