[Mono-list] More ideas on classes to hack.

Alexander Klyubin klyubin@aqris.com
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 10:37:38 +0300

I sent some skeletal implementations of System.Diagnostics.StackFrame and
System.Diagnostics.StackTrace as well as Unit tests for those two classes to
the maintainer of System.Diagnostics (angryjohn69@nc.rr.com). From my point
of view the unit tests are more valuable, since I could not provide proper
implementation of the two classes because of lack of access to the stack
information at runtime...

The unit tests run for Microsoft's implementations, but not for mine.

BTW, how do I get CVS access?

Alexander Klyubin

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Hello guys!

  If you can not wait to get your next class, something simple, small,
but yet important (as the compiler, cough, cough depends on it), you
can take a look at


  There are lots of good stuff there, simple, yet, important.

best wishes,

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