[Mono-list] Quick status update.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
08 Aug 2001 04:13:22 -0400

Hey everyone,

* Compiler

   This is a quick status update on the compiler end of things.  Over
the past few days I have implemented the recursive class, interface
and structure definition that C# uses.

   Currently the compiler can emit empty classes, structs and
interfaces as specified by the grammar and will catch a handful of
errors (errors in C# are probably the thing that makes the language so

   Tonight in about one hour I added support for correctly locating
definitions in namespaces and support for using (the infrastructure
was there, but now it is being used as it was intended to be used).

   I also speeded up the compiler a lot by not loading the type
information from the assembly into my own type system, but only
loading types on demand.  System.Reflection is sweet.  It will catch a
lot of incorrect code for you as well.

* Runtime

   As you remember, Dietmar got PInvoke working last week.  He has
been doing more work now and has programs that actually print
information on the screen.  Dietmar also got this week array support
into the runtime.

   Paolo on the other hand added support for structures (not all of
his code is commited to CVS yet) and a few other correctness bits.  He
is currently working on the functions and macros for generating code
dynamically.  We are going to need this before than we expected
because of some opcodes that might need it (this will also give us the
PInvoke speedup that Dietmar wants to code). 

   Dick is working on extracting the GC system from ORP now and
putting that into Mono