[Mono-list] Completion field

Chris Hynes chrish@assistedsolutions.com
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 16:20:30 -0400

>>With an architecture in place which could do the automated analyses,
determining a /percentage/ completion would still be tough. You can generate
a list of what isn't done yet, but how do you translate this into a
percentage figure? Some classes and methods will be much harder to implement
than others. You could probably come up with an estimate, but it'll never be
an accurate representation of how much work is left to be done unless each
class is gone through and assigned some numeric value indicating
'difficulty' is assigned. Still, I suppose that, as long as this was well
publicised, it would be a usefull figure non-the less (if updated nightly,
Here's one way:
	1) Write the tests for a class before the class. Build them to succeed
against the MS version.
	2) Percentage complete is [the number of tests that succeed against your
version]/[the total number of tests]

	This way, you run the NUnit tests against the class every time it gets
checked into CVS, and update the percentage automatically