[Mono-list] Completion field

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
03 Aug 2001 13:44:51 -0400

> Just out of curiosity, what does the completion column in the class status
> page indicate?  There are several classes that i've noticed which are listed
> as 100 percent complete which have a large number of methods which are not
> implemented (System.Collections.ArrayList is an example, chosen only because
> it happens to be at the top of its page).  If this number means something
> other than 'amount complete', what is it, and if it does mean that, we should
> really look at the classes and make the numbers match reality.

The completion column is supposed to show completion, but it seems the
data is incorrect.  I do not know how this can be computed by a human
being.  It should be probably computed by a program that matches the
API against the published one.

Should I drop the percentage of completion?

Feel free to update the values in mono/status/class.xml (where this
data actually lives).