[Mono-list] MonoBASIC

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
01 Aug 2001 13:50:15 -0400

> If Miguel allows IŽll get his Jay file and mix with your Bison files as 
> outlined above. Send me a go-ahead when you can Miguel.

Hey man, go ahead.

<fsf-plug>Remember, it is free software.</fsf-plug> So you can do
whatever you want without asking, although I appreciate you asking ;-)

> One question, what Unicode encoding our compilers will support? I think that 
> as C# has 2-byte chars the parser is already supporting Unicode, but I 
> didnŽt check if the lexer is reading it correctly from the files.

We support Unicode because our StreamReader or TextReader (or one of
those) is doing the byte to Unicode translation for you.

That was another reason why I liked writting my code in C#, most of
the grunt work for things like Unicode was done in the class
libraries, without me having to get my hands dirty on that.

> Another question, this one for Miguel, your lexer is suporting identifiers 
> with Unicode escaping? Things like 'my\u00ABclass.my\U00010BFFmethod()' that 
> are valid in C#?

I do not think it is right now, but this is just because I was lazy on
this particular case.  Can be added, but I rather work right now on
the compiler former.