[Mono-docs-list] Best way to contribute Mono documentation?

John Feminella johnf.pub at distb.net
Mon Jan 18 15:11:35 EST 2010

hello Mono-doc-ers,

As a relatively avid technical user of Mono and longtime developer,
I'd like to give back a little to the Mono documentation. I consider
myself relatively adept at constructing technical documentation and
things of that sort, so I think tackling a few high-value targets
could be beneficial to the community.

However, I'm a little bit perplexed about the best place to start. The
main Mono pages don't have much to say about the best way to
contribute documentation or even the best way to get started with such
contributions (e.g. "here's how to set up mdoc so that you can
identify areas of spotty coverage" or "here's a link to our
continuous-integration reports so that you can see which parts need
working on"). I tried a few Google searches to this effect but still
didn't turn up anything. (Did I miss a wiki page that has all this

When in doubt, hit the mailing list, so here I am with my questions:

* Are contributions to the documentation currently being accepted?

* How should documentation patches be contributed, and to whom or
where should they be e-mailed? What environment-configuration and
patch-preparation steps should be undertaken to ensure smooth handoff?

* What areas of Mono (or its related subprojects) documentation would
provide the most value if they were completed?

* Is there anything a prospective contributor should know before
deciding what to help out on (e.g. "we have a major release on the
horizon which will obsolete large swaths of documentation, including
sections X, Y, and Z, so don't bother working on those")?


Looking forward to helping out,
~ jf

John Feminella
Principal Consultant, Distilled Brilliance

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