[Mono-docs-list] [Mono-dev] monodocer ignores "internal protected" members

Stefan Noack noackstefan at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 5 12:09:27 EST 2008

> What version of mono is this?  That was fixed on 2007-03-15 so that
> internal protected members were documented; it's even checked in the
> unit tests.  I'm not sure which Mono release came after that, but it's
> been fixed in svn for nearly a year.
> If you have a recent version of monodocer and it still fails for you,
> could you file a minimal reproducible test case at bugzilla.novell.com?

This is strange. I use mono 1.2.6 and the monodoc 1.2.6 gentoo ebuild
which afaik contains monodocer. But it looks strange, though:

noah at linux-laptop ~/prog/liblamp/trunk $ monodocer --version
Monodocer - The Mono Documentation Tool - Copyright (c) 2004
Joshua Tauberer <tauberer at for.net>
released under the GPL.
A tool for creating and updating Mono XML documentation files for

I think the ebuild might be wrong and uses old code or something. Thanks
for your help :) Maybe i should switch to the SVN sources?

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