[Mono-docs-list] Extending the start-use-contribute bar.

Adrien Dessemond adrien.dessemond at softhome.net
Sat May 26 16:40:41 EDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-26-05 at 20:26 +0200, Valentin Sawadski's keyboard wrote:

Hello !

> I was thinking about the howtos as well but came to the conclusion that it 
> would be better not to have all howtos in one-place but to seperate them by 
> topic for example:

Very good idea, that will help to keep the information tidied. 

> If someone interested in developing web-apps there should be an 
> Category "Web-Apps" containing the various howtos.

I was having a look at "most wanted page". But links requires to have an
account. Is there a way to register a new account directly on the
site ? 

> This way other users won't be bothered by howtos they do not want to see.

Exact. I suggest to add an index of them somewhere, it is pretty useful

> (Btw. is it just me or are we the only ones actively participating in this 
> mailing-list?)

(I have seen some other posts ;-) May the others subscribers prefer to
see how the debate and things are going on for the moment. I hope they
will enter in the arena, additional opinions are needed !)

> > I have seen the changes on the page, glad to see an invisible green
> > frame ! By the way, should the site be "ported" to an ASP.Net 2.0 portal
> > like MojoPortal running under Mono ? It would be a great demonstration
> > that the Mono project relies on its own back-end products ;-) PHP is
> > great but it sounds like "concurrent" technology.
> This thought already came up once in the mailing list but I do not know what 
> has been discussed in particular so you should probably check the archives.

With the actual project progression, it would be a great benefit.
Really. Mono is capable of running "enterprise-class applications"
especially ASP.NET web-applications, demonstrating that directly with
mono-project.net website will score points and give an amazing good

> > About the site audiance : what the project want target ? Is the website
> > should only designed for downloading mono, getting support/news/white
> > papers/API reference ?
> >From http://mono-project.com/Mono_Documentation_Improvement_Project :
> "The is designed to be a centralized repository for all mono-related 
> documentation and information, to make it easy for users to find what they 
> need."

It seems the "wanted documentation" section is reserved to registered
users. How can I create a user account on the site ? The form allows  to
login only (may I missed something). Should I register on Novell Forge
or should I ask to someone ?

> > [My idea is going on a bit slowly this week but it goes].
> Can't wait to see it.

Be patient you will see the first results very soon may be this weekend ;-)

Sorry for short answers, I have many things to finish this afternoon !

Kind regards,


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