[Mono-docs-list] Adding a link to StudentProjectsin Contributingand ThreadsBeginnersGuide

Valentin Sawadski valentin.sawadski at gmx.de
Tue Mar 13 12:17:54 EDT 2007


On Tuesday 13 March 2007 13:54, you wrote:
> Hi.
> It is an excelent article. I was looking for this info in the past, and
> someone help me with this at #Irc. Could i improved a little bit? Like
> adding info about passing info to thread method? How do i do this? I
> haven't got write access.
thanks for the compliment :-)

As for a parameterized thread start, that's a very good idea. I wonder how I 
could forget it for the article...

Anyway, if you have no access to the wiki, please send me a mail with your 
suggestions I will then upload it for you.

Kind Regards,
Valentin S.

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