[Mono-docs-list] Adding a link to StudentProjects in Contributingand ThreadsBeginnersGuide

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Mar 12 12:35:03 EDT 2007


> "The educational way is an interesting one, because you pick a technology you 
> are interested in, and work on that technology to learn the technology."
> But I wasn't sure if this is wanted or if I'm allowed to do so since it is one 
> of the topmost pages, therefore I'm asking for someones approval and/or 
> comments on that idea.

Go ahead.

> In addition the ThreadsBeginnersGuide 
> (http://mono-project.com/ThreadsBeginnersGuide) has been finished and I would 
> like you to take a look at it (as always). Maybe it could be mentioned on the 
> articles page if it is wanted and good enough to be mentioned there.

Yes, I agree, lets do it.

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