[Mono-docs-list] More monodocer

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Tue Oct 10 08:17:10 EDT 2006

> A fix is to change line 699:
> -WriteElementText(root, "Base/BaseTypeName", basetypename);
> +WriteElementText(basenode, "BaseTypeName", basetypename);
> However, I'm not sure *why* this would be necessary,

There was a bug in WriteElement.  It didn't traverse down the nodes
properly if a node in the path (in this case Base) already existed.

> Another problem is that the position of /Type/TypeParameters has changed
> from DocTest/en.expected -- it used to be after the /Type/Docs node, and
> now it's before the /Type/Base node.
> The *real* problem is that the position of /Type/TypeParameters changes
> between the initial documentation generation and on update.

Right, I just fixed it so it stays at the top.

Everything is committed and *should* work now.  I hope...

- Joshua Tauberer


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