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Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Mon Oct 9 07:31:24 EDT 2006

Jonathan Pryor wrote:
> You might want to wrap the "(<i>Inherited from..." and ")" within
> <xsl:text/> so that extra whitespace isn't introduced in the output
> document.

Good point.

> Also, you might want to modify DocTest.cs so that GenericBase`1 has some
> members, so that we can see the effect of this option in the regression
> tests.

Right, I thought of that after sending the patch.  That also helped
explain the other problem you found:

> Your changes broke something: {T} should continue to be {`1} within the
> href="..." text.

I needed to add type name escaping in two places.

> Why'd you get rid of the "#" from the href here and in other spots?  I
> don't see any changes in GetLinkId() that would remove the need for
> this.

What happens now is that in the template GetInheritedMembers, it
recursively assembles some content like this:

<Members Name="Object" FullName="System.Object">
  <Member ...
<Members Name="MyClass" FullName="MyNs.MyClass">
  <Member ...

Then when listing a member, rather than using ../.. to get to the type
(which is no longer in the tree of this content), it uses
parent::Members to go up a level to get the declaring type of the
member.  Further, when assembling the link, it needs to put a file path
before the #, which is why the # moved from the a nodes up earlier.

- Joshua Tauberer


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