[Mono-docs-list] Mono.Cecil dependency in monodocer

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Thu Mar 9 19:32:31 EST 2006

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> So, I've reverted all of my Cecil changes.  This is a good opportunity
>> to use Cecil, so if Cecil makes it into a release, I think we should go
>> with it.
> Well, I did not say that we could not use Cecil. 
> Only that if a Cecil dependency should be introduced, we should use the
> guidelines for doing so from the Application Deployment Guidelines.  In
> short it means: bundle a copy of Mono.Cecil.dll in the distribution.

Ah, right.  I haven't read the guidelines yet.  Since it might take me a
while to return to this, I guess it's better to just hold off on the
changes for a while.  (Cecil still needs some changes to do custom
attributes, outside of corlib, anyway.)

- Joshua Tauberer


"Unfortunately, we're having this discussion. It's too bad,
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