[Mono-docs-list] Monkey Guide reorganisation

Ben O'Steen monobosteen at maysubdivide.org
Tue Aug 29 08:40:51 EDT 2006


I've put a draft, showing how I think the MonkeyGuide might benefit from being
'added' to:

Essentially, the changes have been made to the section on "Desktop Application
Programming", with the creation of a separate page collating learning
articles/tutorials on GTK# at

Let me know if this is acceptable, and obviously, those who can edit and who
want to make changes, please feel free to.

I am currently putting together the first of the tutorials as outlined in my
user page, at http://www.mono-project.com/User:BenOSteen and these I hope to
add to the "BosteenProgramming With GTKSharp" page when finished.


(PS Just to be clear, the 'Bosteen' will be dropped if they are to be made
widely accessible.)

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