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to be honest I personally would like to have a site about mono in my native 
language (german) and I'm pretty shure I'm not alone with that opinion.

But as for the translation of http://www.mono-project.com in other languages 
does not seem to me like a good idea. At least not now.

Mono is still under heavy development and a lot of content in the wiki is 
being added, changed and removed so that it might be really difficult to have 
a usefull, up-to-date wiki in all available languages.

If someday in the future a usefull, and complete manual for mono (I'm thinking 
of http://mono-project.com/Monkeyguide right now) exists that could then be 
translated into another languages.

Kind Regards,

On Monday 21 August 2006 17:25, Mariusz Mart wrote:
> Hi! I would like to do translation of main page of mono projects and some
> other pages(faq, monkey guide...). There are people that are interested in
> programming for linux in c# in Poland. If You think this is a good idea I
> can do this!
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