[Mono-docs-list] Add GTK# basic level tutorials (wiki), using MD and Stetic - Opinions?

Asbjoern Laurberg asbjoern-monomail at laurberg.name
Tue Aug 22 09:04:58 EDT 2006

* Ben O'Steen <monobosteen at maysubdivide.org> [aug 22. 2006 14:39]:
> Hi,

Hi Ben,

> I am getting together some ideas for documentation to add to the wiki, but
> I would just like to ask, hopefully, a straightforward question.
> Is it wise to create a tutorial on creating a basic GTK# app, which shows
> a GTK# interface being built, using Monodevelop's GUI designer and Stetic,
> instead of Glade# or doing it by hand? (The tutorial would be more
> focussed on layout and containers, basic String manipulation, basic event
> handling, etc.)

I don't know if it is wise, but I think a combination of Monodevelop and
Stetic would be great. Personally I don't like Glade that much, and if I
were a newbie it would be more easy with a single application than 2-5
different applications.

> Stetic is a very young project, but it is hooked nicely into Monodevelop,
> and might suit a newbie tutorial, aimed at a level a little above 'Hello
> World'.

Well - at some point Stetic will be more mature and ready for the
masses, so in my opinion: go ahead :-)

> I could show the same GTK# interface being built using Glade, Stetic and
> hand-written code, but that might be confusing to someone just starting to
> learn Mono and GTK.

Keep it simple for at start.

Seems like a nice project and I would be happy to help you out
testing your tutorial.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards,
Asbjoern Laurberg

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