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Mon Aug 21 16:46:35 EDT 2006


> > http://mono-project.com/Config_system.web
> > - ASP.NET
> > Maybe it would be neat to have a whole category just for configuring Mono
> > because I myself just accidentally ran across some nice configuration
> > switches for MWF which where hidden in some Wiki Article.
> This family of pages Config_ will be used to document the .config files
> that are used by the runtime.   A major user is Config_system.web, but
> we should have some more in the future.
> I have added a Config page, that we should link from other places.

Where can that file be found?

> > http://mono-project.com/Erik_Sandbox_Main
> > Can be deleted safely.
> Yes, agreed, please feel free to go ahead and do it.

I would like to but since I've no access to the page the dirty work remains to 
you. ;-)

> > Well this is it for now. I just want to say that maybe the Developer
> > Ressource category needs a little reorganizing. There's plenty of
> > GtkSharp stuff in there wich could be removed from it. Keeping the main
> > GtkSharp article in the dev. Ressource category should do it. All the
> > tutorials could be either in the Class Library docs or if it should be
> > left in the wiki it can be only categorized under GtkSharp.
> Maybe we should distinguish between a resource for developers using
> Mono, and a resource intended for developers *developing* Mono itself.

But I'm not to sure if that separation is good for the page because it may 
hides usefull information from users in cases where a user runs into bugs or 
missing features in the Mono runtime and just does not look for documentation 
about the runtime since he is developing an application using mono.

But that may not be a concern if the articles are properly separated and 
contain links to possible complications and errors.

Kind regards,

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