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Hi, since there's no way to directly edit the Mono-Wiki I'll just dump that 
stuff on the mailing list, hopefully somebody notices it and copies it to the 
Wiki. Anyway, here's the Article:


Monologue is the name of the blog run by members of the Mono project. It 
informs users about new occurences in the world of Mono such as new releases 
of Mono, [[Software|Applications]] built using Mono and Events/News in the 
World that may be interesting for people (using Mono) as well as storys of 
the lives of the Mono community.

Monologue can be found at: http://go-mono.org/monologue/ and the RSS feed is 
available at http://go-mono.org/monologue/index.rss

= Who writes on Monoluge? =
As said above not everyone blogs on Monologue. It's a blog run by the Mono 
community. All the entrys on Monologue have been written by valuable members 
which have put a lot of time and effort into the Mono project.

= The Monologue Software =
The Monologue is put together be merging all the entrys of the personal blog 
of each blogger into the Monologue page. This is done by the Monologue 
worker, a small RSS reader/writer software which is based on Mono.

The Worker is open source. It's code is avalailable in SVN using the command:
svn co svn://svn.myrealbox.com/source/trunk/monologue

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