[Mono-docs-list] Re: msdn-browser/monodoc intergration

Mario Sopena mario.sopena at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 05:25:39 EDT 2005


2005/9/24, Ben Maurer <bmaurer at andrew.cmu.edu>:
> get some idea of what it does. So why not make this process easier, by
> providing them a usable interface (IE, a treeview that doesn't suck in
> firefox)?
The reason are what Joshua already said. If the user has a great doc
(msdn) at hand, they will just move to look there and not to use mono
docs, because what they care is having a good doc and not where that
doc come from (well, most part of the users). But that is just my

> > BTW, the msdn doc utility is incomplete, as you cannot click on the
> > links (and it won't be easy to fix);
> Shouldn't be all that hard. All I need to do is intercept the link click
> from gecko, load it, and sync the toc, all of which are actually pretty
> easy (there is data in the html pages for toc syncing).
I wast just not aware of the details.

> >  so it needs a lot of work before
> > being added.
> IMHO, this tool is useful today even without any more features. It is
> 10x faster for me to use my tool than it is to use firefox.

Hey, Ben, I think you took my email as an attack to the msnd doc,
which is not. I think is a great tool, I was just wondering if it
could have some negative effects including it on monodoc. Maybe it
will be better to keep separate. But maybe I'm wrong.
> >  Also, it is made with gtk#2 and we use gtk#1 in monodoc.
> Miguel has talked about bumping monodoc up to depend on gtk#2. Once we
> do this, I'd love to see the primary tree be moved to the new api. But
> for now, I could live with another tab.
hey, I would like to be aware of that. I think that will solve a bug in elabel!


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