[Mono-docs-list] msdn-browser/monodoc intergration

Mario Sopena mario.sopena at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 18:39:11 EDT 2005


2005/9/20, Rafael Ferreira <lists at ophion.org>:
> Well that's 2 votes against 1 so I would have to give in to you guys. I
> would not want to waste time on something that would not make into
> monodoc anyways. I guess I'll just figure something else to tackle
> next.

I can help your there. Just pick one of the list:

- Rebuild the monkeyguide from the wiki pages
- Refine the searching ability
- Repair bookmarks
- Look for a bug to repair...there are not so much, but there are some
- One thing I would like to see every time we render an overview of a
class is a list of subclasses that implement it. For example, when
seeing System.IO.Stream, a list that points to MemoryStream,
FileStream, BufferedStream, ....
- Working with uncompiled ecma documentation which has several
Namespaces doesnt work well
- Some namespace editing doesnt work well either

There are probably more things to do....but I can't remeber now. Just
don't forget to say in what are you working.


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