[Mono-docs-list] [PATCH] Monodoc. Workaround for a bug and index improvements

Mario Sopena mario.sopena at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 10:36:48 EDT 2005


    We have a problem in Monodoc when showing big html code with
gecko. Monodoc hangs and do nothing (try to load the Gtk Namespace).
This is due to a bug in gtkmozembed
(https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=245960). The workaround
I've implemented writes the html on disk and loads the file from it,
when the html code is big enough. The file is being writen to a temp
The only thing I'm not sure is whether I should myself delete what I
write there or if I can just leave that for the system (for the
moment, nothing is removed).

The other thing that comes with this patch is a user-feature requested
by miguel. The index and the search_index require those index to be
create prior to use them. Right now, if they don't exist, a label is
showed telling you that you have to run a command in root to create
With this patch, monodoc looks for the index also in the user dir, and
when it doesn't find them, it shows a panel with a progress bar that
lets you make them at that time. The index are created in another
Thread, so you can use monodoc while making them (specially the search
index is slow, well, around a minute in my machine).
To try the patch, remove your monodoc.index file and search_index dir
from the monodoc directory and run the patched monodoc.

Hope you all enjoy it. Comments please?!?


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