[Mono-docs-list] http://www.mono-project.com/MySQL update?

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Wed Oct 12 09:44:25 EDT 2005

Erik Nordström Andersen wrote:
> I hope this is the right place to suggest updates to the homepage.

Hi, Erik.  Sure.

> Below I suggest a new example using the MySQL connector (borrowed from MySQL.com):

Thanks for volunteering to update that page.  I think it would be good 
to create a new example, rather than lifting one right from MySQL.com. 
One thing you might put in a new example is a try/finally block for good 
measure (to make sure the reader and connection get closed in the event 
of an exception in the loop).

> Let me know if I should provide this in another format, e.g. with markup
> or as a patch to a source file I can access somewhere.

The website is a wiki, so if you think you'll want to improve more 
documentation in the future (which would be great), you could ask 
(Miguel?) for an account to edit pages.

Just as important as the example, however, is the format of the 
connection string.  All of the things that can go into the connection 
string should be documented too.  In the MySQL Connector sources, in the 
ConnectionString.cs file, there are names and descriptions of everything 
(except it's not the property names but the names in, e.g., GetString() 
that go in the connection string).


- Joshua Tauberer


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