[Mono-docs-list] Dutch translation for MonoDoc

Dave Mertens dmertens-monodoc@zyprexia.com
Mon, 28 Feb 2005 12:11:29 +0100

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I have some problems sending posts to this list, so i want to apolize in 
advance for any double post. For some reason the lists doesn't recognize 
my emailadres as a list member..

Hereby i send the .po file for the Dutch translation of MonoDoc. This 
file was based on svn version 41206.
Can someone please review the file and add it to the repository?

Dave Mertens

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<font face="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif">I have some problems sending
posts to this list, so i want to apolize in advance for any double
post. For some reason the lists doesn't recognize my emailadres as a
list member..<br>
Hereby i send the .po file
for the Dutch translation of MonoDoc. This file was based on svn
version 41206.<br>
Can someone please review the file and add it to the repository?<br>
Dave Mertens<br>


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# Nederlandse MonoDoc vertaling
# Copyright (C) 2005, Dave Mertens <dmertens-monodoc@zyprexia.com>
# Dit vertaling valt onder dezelfde licentie als de gehele MonoDoc pakket.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2005-02-25 17:44+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2004-02-25 17:44+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Dave Mertens <dmertens-monodoc@zyprexia.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Dave Mertens <dmertens-monodoc@zyprexia.com>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: browser/browser.glade:8
msgid "Mono Documentation Library"
msgstr "Mono Documentatie Bibliotheek"

#: browser/browser.glade:30
msgid "_File"
msgstr "_Bestand"

#: browser/browser.glade:39
msgid "_Lookup URL"
msgstr "_Opzoeken URL"

#: browser/browser.glade:61
msgid "_Upload Contributions"
msgstr "_Wijzigingen uploaden"

#: browser/browser.glade:71
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "Stoppen"

#: browser/browser.glade:97
msgid "_Edit"
msgstr "_Bewerk"

#: browser/browser.glade:106
msgid "_Copy"
msgstr "_Kopieer"

#: browser/browser.glade:128
msgid "Select All"
msgstr "Alles selecteren"

#: browser/browser.glade:144
msgid "Editing"
msgstr "Bewerken"

#: browser/browser.glade:158
msgid "_View"
msgstr "_Venster"

#: browser/browser.glade:167
msgid "Collapse All"
msgstr "Alles inklappen"

#: browser/browser.glade:176
msgid "Toon overerving (inherited) elementen"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:185
msgid "Show Comments"
msgstr "Toon opmerkingen"

#: browser/browser.glade:199
msgid "_Bookmarks"
msgstr "_Bladwijzers"

#: browser/browser.glade:208
msgid "_Add bookmark"
msgstr "Bladwijzer _Toevoegen"

#: browser/browser.glade:217
msgid "_Edit bookmarks..."
msgstr "Bladwijzers _Bewerken"

#: browser/browser.glade:230
msgid "_Help"
msgstr "_Help"

#: browser/browser.glade:239
msgid "About"
msgstr "Over"

#: browser/browser.glade:388 browser/browser.glade:748
msgid "n/a"
msgstr "n.v.t."

#: browser/browser.glade:497
msgid "_Contents"
msgstr "_Inhoud"

#: browser/browser.glade:571
msgid "_Look for:"
msgstr "_Zoeken naar:"

#: browser/browser.glade:619 browser/browser.glade:1445
#: browser/browser.glade:1666 browser/browser.glade:2049
#: browser/browser.glade:3010 browser/browser.glade:3033
#: browser/browser.glade:3082
msgid "*"
msgstr "*"

#: browser/browser.glade:721
msgid "_Index"
msgstr "_Inhoudsopgave"

#: browser/browser.glade:791
msgid "_Search"
msgstr "_Zoeken"

#: browser/browser.glade:858
msgid "label16"
msgstr "label16"

#: browser/browser.glade:930
msgid "<e_xample>"
msgstr "<_Voorbeeld>"

#: browser/browser.glade:946
msgid "<list>"
msgstr "<lijst>"

#: browser/browser.glade:962
msgid "<_table>"
msgstr "<_Tabel>"

#: browser/browser.glade:978
msgid "<_zie ook...>"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:994
msgid "<_paragraaf>"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:1010
msgid "Add Note\t"
msgstr "Toevoegen notitie\t"

#: browser/browser.glade:1054
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Weergave voorbeeld"

#: browser/browser.glade:1112
msgid "C_lose"
msgstr "Af_Sluiten"

#: browser/browser.glade:1129
msgid "S_ave"
msgstr "_Opslaan"

#: browser/browser.glade:1157
msgid "label17"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:1217
msgid "About monodoc"
msgstr "Over MonoDoc"

#: browser/browser.glade:1257
msgid ""
"<span size=\"larger\"><b>monodoc:</b> The Mono Documentation Library viewer</"
msgstr "<span size=\"larger\"><b>monodoc:</b> Het Mono Documentatie Bibliotheek Systeem"

#: browser/browser.glade:1292
msgid ""
"   Miguel de Icaza (miguel@ximian.com)\n"
"   Duncan Mak (duncan@ximian.com)\n"
"   Joshua Tauberer (tauberer@for.net)\n"
"   Lee Malabone\n"
"   Philip Van Hoof\n"
"   Johannes Roith (johannes@jroith.de)\n"
"   Alp Toker (alp@atoker.com)\n"
"   Piers Haken\n"
"   John Luke (jluke@cfl.rr.com)\n"
"   Ben Maurer"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:1324
msgid ""
"  ECMA Documentation.\n"
"  Mono XML Documentation.\n"
"  Mono Handbook.\n"
"  Manual Pages.\n"
"  Compiler Errors.\n"
"  ECMA C# Specification."
msgstr ""
"  ECMA Documentatie (Engels).\n"
"  Mono XML Documentatie (Engels).\n"
"  Mono Handboek (Engels).\n"
"  Manual Pages (Engels).\n"
"  Compiler Errors (Engels).\n"
"  ECMA C# Specification (Engels)."

#: browser/browser.glade:1398
msgid "Lookup"
msgstr "Opzoeken"

#: browser/browser.glade:1416
msgid "_Url to lookup:"
msgstr "URL voor opzoeken:"

#: browser/browser.glade:1448
msgid "lookup_entry"
msgstr "opzoeken_element"

#: browser/browser.glade:1495
msgid "Login configuration"
msgstr "Inlog instellingen"

#: browser/browser.glade:1522
msgid ""
"You can edit the contents of the API documentation in MonoDoc and "
"those back.  To do this you must agree to relicense your updates under the "
"of the MIT X11 Open Source License and register your email address with the\n"
"documentation service.\n"
"If you agree, click Continue"
msgstr ""
"U kunt wijzigingen maken aan de inhoud van de API documentatie in MonoDoc\n"
"en deze uploaden naar de Mono documentatie server.\n"
"Dit is echter alleen mogelijk als u akkoord gaat dat uw documentatie onder de\n"
"'MIT X11 Open Source' licentie valt. Verder dient u zich middels uw emailadres \n"
"bekend te maken.\n"
"Als u hiermee akkoord gaat, klik op Doorgaan"

#: browser/browser.glade:1578 browser/browser.glade:1738
#: browser/browser.glade:2110
msgid "Continue"
msgstr "Doorgaan"

#: browser/browser.glade:1606
msgid "0"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:1637
msgid "_Email:"
msgstr "E-mail:"

#: browser/browser.glade:1680
msgid "xx"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:1766
msgid "1"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:1791
msgid "Monodoc is requesting an account for you."
msgstr "Monodoc is bezig een profiel voor u aan te maken.."

#: browser/browser.glade:1843 browser/browser.glade:2219
#: browser/browser.glade:2507 browser/browser.glade:2847
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Annuleer"

#: browser/browser.glade:1871
msgid "2"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:1896
msgid ""
"<b>Error:</b> Monodoc encountered a failure when requesting\n"
"a password for your e-mail address.  Try again later."
msgstr ""
"<b>Fout:</b> MonoDoc heeft een probleem een wachtwoord voor\n"
"u aan te maken. Probeer het later opnieuw."

#: browser/browser.glade:1932 browser/browser.glade:2314
#: browser/browser.glade:2402 browser/browser.glade:2595
#: browser/browser.glade:2684 browser/browser.glade:2773
msgid "Ok"
msgstr "Akkoord"

#: browser/browser.glade:1961
msgid "3"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:1992
msgid ""
"Once you receive your password on the mail, please enter it\n"
msgstr "U heeft zojuist van het Mono documentatie systeem uw wachtwoord gegevens per E-mail ontvangen, voer deze hieronder in"

#: browser/browser.glade:2021
msgid "Password:"
msgstr "Wachtwoord:"

#: browser/browser.glade:2139
msgid "4"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:2164
msgid "MonoDoc is logging into the server."
msgstr "MonoDoc logt u in op de server"

#: browser/browser.glade:2254
msgid "5"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:2279
msgid ""
"<b>Congratulations!</b> \n"
"You can now contribute your changes to MonoDoc by using \n"
"the File/Upload menu option."
msgstr "<b>Gefeliciteerd!</b> \n"
"U kunt nu uw wijzigingen uploaden naar de Mono documentatie \n"
"server via de Bestand/Uploaden optie."

#: browser/browser.glade:2343
msgid "6"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:2368
msgid ""
"<b>Terminated</b> \n"
"The request to the Monodoc server has been cancelled."
msgstr ""
"<b>Geannuleerd</b> \n"
"Het verzoek aan de Monodoc server is geannuleerd."

#: browser/browser.glade:2431
msgid "7"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:2456
msgid ""
"<b>Please wait</b>\n"
"MonoDoc is checking the server version."
msgstr ""
"<b>Een ogenblik geduld</b>\n\n"
"MonoDoc controleert de server versie.."

#: browser/browser.glade:2535
msgid "8"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:2560
msgid ""
"<b>Communications Problem</b> \n"
"There was a communications problem when communicating\n"
"with the Mono Documentation Server."
msgstr ""
"<b>Communicatie probleem</b>\n\n"
"Er is een communicatie probleem opgetreden met de Mono documentatie server/"

#: browser/browser.glade:2624
msgid "9"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:2649
msgid ""
"<b>Version missmatch</b> \n"
"This version of MonoDoc is not compatible with the current Monodoc\n"
"server, please upgrade your MonoDoc installation."
msgstr ""
"<b>Verkeerde versie</b> \n"
"Deze versie van MonoDoc is verouderd.\n"
"Met deze versie is het niet mogelijk uw wijzigingen te uploaden "
"naar de Mono documentatie server. Wij raden u aan om een nieuwere versie te installeren"

#: browser/browser.glade:2713
msgid "10"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:2738
msgid ""
"<b>Password Problem</b> \n"
"The passkey entered is incorrect. \n"
"Please try again."
msgstr ""
"<b>Wachtwoord probleem</b>\n"
"Het door u ingevoerde wachtwoord is niet correct.\n"
"Probeer het opnieuw."

#: browser/browser.glade:2802
msgid "11"
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:2823
msgid "Uploading Documentation Updates - MonoDoc"
msgstr "MonoDoc - Uploaden documentatie wijzigingen"

#: browser/browser.glade:2872
msgid "Monodoc Documentation Updates Uploader. "
msgstr "MonoDoc - documentatie wijzigingen uploaden. "

#: browser/browser.glade:2899
msgid "<b>Status:</b> "
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:2957
msgid "New Comment"
msgstr "Nieuwe opmerking"

#: browser/browser.glade:2974
msgid "TODO: Some advise on posting here."
msgstr ""

#: browser/browser.glade:3050
msgid "Title:"
msgstr "Titel:"

#: browser/browser.glade:3099
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Opmerking"

#: browser/browser.glade:3125
msgid "E-Mail:"
msgstr "E-mail:"

#: browser/browser.glade:3151
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Naam:"

#: browser/browser.glade:3267
msgid "Edit bookmarks"
msgstr "Wijzig bladwijzers"