[Mono-docs-list] MonkeyGuide and Monodoc futures.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@novell.com
Fri, 01 Apr 2005 12:03:39 -0500


> >     Am considering whether it would be a good idea to move the content
> > into the Mono Wiki, namespacing it with `Guide:' just to get organized,
> > and then implement a Monodoc provider for plain HTML pages and ship with
> > Monodoc the contents from the Wiki (extracted in some form, yet to be
> > determined).
> Using XSLT for the Monkeyguide would be a really good idea.  It would 
> make it easy to format the contents for Monodoc and for the web.  A page 
> of Monkeyguide could look like:

The Monkeyguide is using XHTML, the excuse was that we wanted to do some
formatting using XSLT (which we do: one of those things we do is that we
do a simplistic css processing for 2 or 3 things).

The problem is that nobody contributes to the Monkeyguide.  The sources
have been on SVN forever, but it barely gets noticed.

So what do you have in mind?  We already have the data in a consumable
format (XHTML);  The question is how do we keep it updated, and

Moving to the Wiki seems like a sane idea (considering that the Web site
is up-to-date for the first time now that we are using a Wiki ;-)