[Mono-docs-list] Tab Navigation

Mario Sopena Novales masono1@teleco.upv.es
Fri, 12 Nov 2004 10:41:35 +0100

Hallo guys!
  I've posted a week or so saying I was working on displaying multiples tabs on
a page (thanks Joshua). In the way of getting it I have found something in the
code of monodoc I dislike. The actual implementation of the History.

There is an object History that is supposed to managed the history (any magic
here), but for me makes no sense that this object shall manage too the code of
the buttons back and forward. Shouldn't the events of the buttons been managed
by the browser itself? For me makes sense that the History was an object that
manages only history data (a real abstraction of a history) and not GUI data

Besides that, what is suppose that the class PageVisit should do? It is only for
letting the object History to call the browser to actualize himself? Isn't this
a mess or I'm missing something? If the implementation of the History were
managing only history data, and the browser, GUI data, I think the browser could
actualize himself. What do you think? I'm missing the point?

Ok, at this point, somebody is thinking what the h... smokes this guy? Well, I,
actually, don't smoke, but all of this comes from my implementation of tabs. I
want to make a Tab object (and a list of them) that manages all of the data
related to a tab (his history and a reference to the areas for rendering the
content by the moment). With the actual implementation of history I'm not
pretty sure of how to do that.

That's all. If anyone has arrived here, please post an answer (or send me money,
it's up to you).


Mario Sopena