[Mono-docs-list] A question on Tabs

Mario Sopena Novales masono1@teleco.upv.es
Sun, 7 Nov 2004 02:55:36 +0100

    this is my first post. I've started struggling with the source of Monodoc
trying to get a functional tab navigation. If I  got a decent solution I will
post here. But, for the moment I just have a question.

Wich Label should I use for the Tabs? When Monodoc shows a Class, I can obtain
an url like T:Gtk.Notebook from which I can take the name Notebook. But what
about when Monodoc is showing a page from the Mono Handbook, for example,
because the url could be something like  xhtml:mgrand_1406324299.html. Not
really much self-explanatory. I'm missing something? Should I get the info from
the XML. And if it is so, How?

That is all. Thanks,
Mario Sopena