[Mono-docs-list] Long term Monodoc feature requests.

Todd Berman tberman@sevenl.net
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 02:53:35 -0400

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>>2) Register docs not through the main monodoc module. Monodoc has 
>>wonderful editing facilities, useful for .net projects outside of just 
>>mono + gtk-sharp. If it were easy/possible to register zip files in a 
>>way other than through the one .xml file, that would make it far easier. 
>>As it stands even now, the debugger puts docs into place that monodoc 
>>wont load for some reason. We could even potentially remove the need for 
>>the xml file and have some special file put into the .zip file that 
>>monodoc looks for to identify why sort of provider to use. This is 
>>another change that should be hidden from the various monodoc.dll consumers.
> The warning that you see is only a warning for applying *patches*, so it
> is a warning that today only applies to me (as the sole administrator of
> the public server).

I was talking about monodoc/browser/monodoc.xml, which appears to be 
part of how monodoc figures out what to load and how to do it. This 
makes project X unable to easily install documentation that monodoc will 
just find. I could be wrong, and that xml file isnt used for loading at 
all, but I am pretty sure it is. That is what im talking about needing 
to change, to make monodoc able to display docs for installed 
documentation of any kind, not just stuff we publish.

> You can safely ignore this.
> The rest, I agree with you, but its not something doable in the 1.0
> timeline.

Absolutely agree :)


> Miguel.