[Mono-docs-list] MonoDoc item schema

Joshua Tauberer tauberer@for.net
Mon, 16 Aug 2004 11:49:33 -0400


No schema exists.  It wouldn't be too hard to create based on my description
of the files at:

But, how much more control do you need over the HTML generation?
Monodocs2html already lets you use a custom page template, and it would be
fairly easy to allow other methods of customization, like changing the way
links are handled.  It would be great if the existing tools could be
extended to do what you need.

Creating some nice XSLTs to convert monodoc docs to other formats would be
good as well, though no one has had the patience for it yet.  :)  I keep
saying it must not be difficult, but since no one's been able to finish it
yet, maybe I underestimated the problem.

- Josh

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> Hello:
> Does any one know if there is an XSD file that describes the complete
> schema that may be used for MonoDoc documents (overviews, specific item
> pages, etc.)
> I am building MS Help Files for Win32 and plan to do a lot of XSLT to
> generate HTML versions of the existing XML formats.  I have taken a look
> at the great work that was done in monodoc/tools but may need much more
> finer degree of control over the HTML generation process.
> Of course if no one knows about the existence of such schema, I may
> create my own and may publish or make accessible my documentation in the
> documentation format generated by XML Spy (see the following link of a
> sample based on the project file format used by MonoDevelop:
> http://www.mfconsulting.com/product/prj2make-sharp/prjxDoc/index.html )
> Paco
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