[Mono-docs-list] AW: Comments on the monodoc editing web service

Johannes Roith johannes@jroith.de
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 00:05:21 +0200

Hello, Ben!

>       * The changes should be transfered across the net as a
>         GlobalChangeset, i made the classes serializable for a reason.

I haven't looked at that code, yet. I'll take a look.

>       * The changes should be sent to the ml in the form of xml, not
>         text. We need to be able to make a change merger

Probably as attachement.

>       * Any chance of getting a GUI for submitting changes?

Of course, I'll add this tomorrow.

>       * The dup finding should be done on the *client* side, not the
>         server side. Whenever the client sends a change, it should be
>         marked "sent" somehow, and the client should not send it again

Well, it should by simply removed from the xml file.