[Mono-docs-list] Q: Problems with monodoc-0.5/0.6

Andreas Sliwka asl@5parts.de
Fri, 05 Sep 2003 15:27:55 +0200

  I run a unstable debian box, installed the mono packages (v0.26-2)
though apt-get, works fine. 

  I then downloaded the mono-doc tar.gz files (first 0.6, then 0.5) and
tried a ./configure && make, which fails. I attached the logs.
  What I dont undestand is why the make runs fail. My system fullfills
the prerequisits ((gnome|gtk|glade)-sharp) as far as I know, but the
errors seem to be connected to glade-sharp, expecially Glade.Widget.

  What do I have to do to get the monodoc browser running? Grepping
through the .xml files isn't much fun, and http://mono.ximian.org:8080
is a bit slow and not good to search ...


Andreas Sliwka <asl@5parts.de>
5parts Deutschland GbR