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Stuart Jansen sjansen@byu.edu
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On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 13:20, Johannes Roith wrote:
> Hello binhara!
> Hello, everybody!
> Binhara talked to me lately, about a translation project of the Mono
> Handbook to Portuguese as part of the Brasilian Mono community effort.
> I'm very happy to see this happen and want to line out and discuss how
> this in particular and translation in general should be done.

This is wonderful news. I'm sure with experience we will smooth over any
rough spots.

A couple notes:

> * To get started, I will import the content from /html/en to
> /html/pg-br. Also Documentation.xml will be copied to
> Documentation.pg-br.xml and a new makefile target will be defined.

The usual abbreviation for Brazilian Portuguese is pt-br, not pg-br.

> * The problem however will be to keep the translation in sync and
> up2date with the english original. I suggest that the translation is
> done based on that import, while it gets out-of-sync with the english
> version. When the translation is complete, the directory should just
> import new files and carefully integrate the changes to the outdated
> files, like described in the next paragraph.
> * Content should only be changed or added in the english version, even
> by the brazil translators and then translated.

We will need a way to allow Portuguese content to be created and later
folded into the monkeyguide. Not all contributors speak English and we
don't want to discourage them from contributing their knowledge.
Binhara, et. al. can probably use the monobrasil wiki for this.

> * It must be possible to track all changes in the english files, that
> happend since the current translation of a file. To achieve that, I
> suggest the following:
> 	Each file in /html/pg-br should contain an additional meta tag:
> 	<meta name =3D "CVS.English.Version" content =3D "1.2" />
> The value would indicate, the CVS revision of the ENGLISH version, that
> has been the base for the translation. To keep track of all changes one
> would only need to diff that version of the english manual against the
> latest english revision and it would then be possible to easily trnslate
> all the changes. After that the metatag would be updated.
> I know it is some work to maintain those tags, but IMO it is less work
> than figuring out *somehow* what things have changed.

This should be easy to automate using some type of script. In addition
it would be less error prone to have the script check the revision
during import. However, how will it handle images and other binary data?
Does such get updated often?

> * This is just a suggested way of doing it, so poeple can comment. I
> will probably post additional information later. Also I will copy the
> tree as soon as some last organizational changes are made to the
> handbook and we can fully concentrate on content.

Do you have an idea of when this will be possible?

Stuart Jansen <sjansen@byu.edu, AIM:StuartMJansen>

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