[Mono-docs-list] Introduction

Hector E. Gomez Morales hgomez_36@flashmail.com
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 22:50:59 -0500

Welcome!!!. Well the Gtk# documentation docs reside in the gtk-sharp cvs
module in folder gtk-sharp/doc/en/. The Gtk namespace is the most
documented right now but still has like 178 docs ready to take on.
I have created a TODO file inside the Gtk folder that has a up to date
list of missing docs, so you can choose one from there to start
Some links of interest:


Editing: mostly I use vi and sometimes gedit 2.4 but the new monodoc
release has a editing feature that is really nice.
Validating: xmllint (form validator: found in libxml2 package),
valdoc(real validator: found in monodoc module inside doctools)
Create: We have a doc-updater but is used by Duncan Mak or John Luke
when the are new changes in Gtk# API or to aggregate new documentation.

Advice: Look to the already made documentation to have a feel of it. I
will recommend to look to Application.xml (John Luke), Button.xml
(Duncan Mak) and Menu.xml (me).

If you got any other question or want more advice please don't hesitate
to post.


On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 18:55, Wade Mealing wrote:
> Gday,
> Thought i'd start by introducing myself.  My name is Wade Mealing and
> I'd like to help with the gtk# documentation.  
> I have been doing gtk# programming for about two months now and am
> finding it enjoyable.  
> I'd like to know what the finds useful for editing/creating/validating
> documents they produce for inclusion in the package.
> The plan is to get stuck into this and start contributions as soon as
> possible.
> Any advice ?
> Wade Mealing
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