[Mono-docs-list] Examples in monodoc.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
06 Oct 2003 12:31:58 -0400


> I just noticed that the latest monodoc from cvs contains an 'Edit' 
> hyperlink. Kudos to the developers (Ben, Miguel, others). I've already 
> added documentations for System.Xml here and there in my local 
> changeset.xml.
> How would I go about adding example code in the monodoc? I tried adding 
> <code_example> blocks in the Remarks section but monodoc wouldn't accept 
> it. Will this currently have to be done manually or is there a way to 
> add the examples directly from monodoc.exe?

Look at Gdk/Colormap.xml in gtk-sharp for a sample on how to use

   <code lang="c#">
     static void Main () {}

> Secondly, what's the preferred way of sending in changesets? Is it 
> better to have small changesets approved or is it better to have larger 
> changesets that encompass a lot of different stuff?

Well, the Changeset stuff is not fully deployed, we wanted to have a
web service to take care of those, but its not up yet.

Ben can give us an idea of what is the best way to proceed about your
current changes.

I think that you should:

	* Send us the changes.
		-> We integrate into CVS.
	* Delete your changeset.
		-> Optionally get a new documentation drop from us.
	* Continue documenting.