[Mono-docs-list] Help needed: Monkeyguide editors

Miguel de Icaza miguel@novell.com
Sun, 30 Nov 2003 15:45:40 -0500


    So you follow the Mono lists, and you can rebuild and install Mono,
but do not have a lot of time to sit down and understand the code but
you have an urge to help?   

    The Monkeyguide is the documentation we use as an introductory text
to Mono, it contains an overview of .NET, build instructions, setup
instructions and even its own copy of the FAQ.

    This guide was written almost a year ago, and it is aging: some of
the steps described there are inaccurate, others are outdated (the FAQ
does not reflect the master file in mono/doc) and it has not gone
through the proper editing process that a book would go through.

    We are looking for volunteers that would like to:

	* Become editors for parts of the Monkeyguide, submit
	  corrections, rework the flow, rework the contents.

	* People interested in adding more content to reflect new
	  processes in the community: the mono `dailies', the snapshots,
	  ASP.NET installation (which is still a very commonly asked

	* People interested in contributing free tutorials on using
	  ADO.NET (Npgsql and ByteFX.Data providers should get more
	  love, since they are brother open source projects).  Reusing
	  existing free documentation is fine.

	* People interested in writing a small webservices tutorial, 
	  very much like our "GNOME" tutorial which is relatively

	* Updating our GNOME tutorial, as Gtk# has evolved by leaps and
	  bounds since the previous release.