[Mono-docs-list] corrections on Chapter 6

Manuel Lora vanguardist@cox.net
Thu, 06 Nov 2003 13:38:18 -0600


a) In "Introduction", there is a mixture of capitalizations in .Net vs

b) In "Introduction", a comma should be added after "2.0"

c) In "Install", the use of a comma before therefore is awkward; perhaps
it sound better without the comma or making it two sentences.

d) Should the section title "Commandline options" be "Command line
options"? It's two separate words in the paragraphs that follows it.
Just being consistent here :)

d) Under "Forms Interface", the third sentence is a run-on sentence.

e) Under "Forms Interface," the fourth sentence has a "5". It would be
better to change that to "five" since the first sentence already has it
like that, and it a bit more formal in the context.

f) In "Forms Interface", a colon needs to be added at the end of:
"The following will start the forms interface with the assembly:

g) Chapter 6 has mailto: links for "Credits" while all of the names
under previous (Chapter 5, 4, etc) sections do not.


a) No mailto: tag for the name in "Credits" (I'll no longer mention this
again, as it's all over :) )

Mono Documentation Browser

a) There is what I think is an unnecessary <br> after "The command is
called mod,"

Using the Mono Debugger

It says, under "Install", that there have bene no releases of the
debugger, but yet, from go-mono.com, "Jan, 19th, 2003: Mono Debugger
released." :)

Also, the treeview of the "Using the Mono Debugger" section has
"debugger" instead of "Debugger"