[Mono-docs-list] Re: [Gtk-sharp-list] Build Status

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
27 Jul 2003 20:10:38 -0400


> >         Internal(1) error CS0104: `Object' is an ambiguous reference
> >         (System.Object or Gtk.Object)
> > In programs that use Gtk#.
> This comes from writing code with "using System; using Gtk;" and
> declaring a variable/param as Object.  It needs to be declared
> System.Object, or Gtk.Object.  I was under the impression mcs has been
> throwing these errors for a while though.

Yes, that would be the case if the code had been written like this:

	using System;
	using Gtk;

	class D : Object {

The problem here is that the code is written like this:

	class D {

And its even worse than this, it also fails with:

	class D : System.Object {

So it is definitely a new MCS bug.