[Mono-docs-list] Monodoc aspx .1

Ben Maurer bmaurer@users.sourceforge.net
13 Jul 2003 23:08:53 -0500

On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 20:16, Ben Maurer wrote:
> > >       * Compile the attached .cs file, /r:browser.exe. Make sure to
> > >         replace /devel/install with your own path. 
> > 
> > Can you use the .NET configuration infrastructure for this?  So people
> > can do this by installing the .aspx file and its configuration files?
> Yep. Now that monodoc is a dll, we can have one central config file
> (another advantage of having it in a dll). Until we implement that, I am
> going to make a quick hack in the hanlder to use reflection to get the
> current path.
Why don't we do this: have a monodoc.dll.config with an appSetting
MonodocPath that is set to /devel/install/lib/monodoc. We can get that
value from automake. I have no clue how to do the automake part, so can
you do that?

-- Ben