[Mono-docs-list] New Monodoc Html Schema

Johannes Roith johannes@jroith.de
Sat, 12 Jul 2003 23:08:38 +0200

Hello, everybody!

I have been working with BenM, to clean up the Html for the Mono
Handbook a bit, and it resulted in a superset of XHtml, described here:


It is planned, that this will replace the current Html in the future.

We are still uncertain, what to do about "example snips", code snippets,
that will only have one or a few lines. We currently move those to a new
document, but this seems to be aweful and complicated. Moving it out,
does help ASPELL to run, though.

	<monodoc:example type="snip">
		<monodoc:source src="../../packingdetails.hbox.cs.snip"
language="CS" />
		<monodoc:source src="../../packingdetails.hbox.vb.snip"
language="VB" />

Any comments?