[Mono-docs-list] Using Monodoc to edit the contents?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
08 Jul 2003 12:50:55 -0400

Hey guys,

    Ben sent me a quick note when he saw the previous monodoc
announcement: it would be fantastic if we could "edit" the contents on
the web of the documentation.

    Honestly, I do not know what would be involved in doing this, some
random ideas would be:

	* Editing can only happen inside a given terminal page (not on
	  the summaries).

	* Add "[Edit]" buttons to all the elements that can be edited on
	  a page.

	* Some sort of log-in functionality.

	* Edit the local copy.  Keep a historic log of changes, then
	  have an editor review the changes and apply those to the
	  master cvs repository.

	* Maybe monodoc can generate the "Edit" tags, and the link would
	  call into a separate program (to avoid bloating Monodoc).

    Items that can be edited:

	* Summary

	* Remarks

	* Thread Safety Statement.

	* Individual parameters.

    Anyone have any ideas how we can do this?

Miguel de Icaza <miguel@ximian.com>