[Mono-docs-list] Web based Monodoc

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
08 Jul 2003 12:46:02 -0400


> I've gotten a web based monodoc to work, if anyone is interested
> you can try it out.
> It requires a patch to browser.cs and Makefile.am, I'm including 
> diffs against the current sources. It also requires a new xsl file
> (mono-hrefreplace.xsl), that you'll find attached.
> I've also included an example cgi script that makes use of the 
> modification. You can take see what it looks like here:
> http://filou.homelinux.org/monodoc/monodoc.cgi?N:System
> (I can't guaranty that URL will live excessively long...)

I want to join everyone who has congratulated you on this hack.  It is
really nice.

I would love to host this on mono.ximian.com, but I have never written
cgi web pages, and I would love someone with cgi experience to explore
any potential security holes in the cgi script.

> If project owners feel this is a relevant contribution, I'm willing 
> to commit it to the tree, just let me know if I'm breaking any project
> code formatting rules, I'll make fixes beforehand.

I do not have a particular preference over using the XSLT inside
Monodoc, or outside Monodoc.  The approach suggest by Joshua minimizes
the code we have to maintain in browser.cs, so that is a plus.  The
downside is that it is not as self-contained as what we have now.

> I'll start trying to figure out a way to get indexes working. Any ideas
> welcome. 

You mean the tree view on the right?  You might want to look at the
"dump.cs" program in Monodoc which is a simple program to dump the