[Mono-docs-list] Web-based MonoDoc?

Philippe Desaulniers philippe.desaulniers@averna.ca
Thu, 3 Jul 2003 10:39:08 -0400


I'm currently working on a project for which I would wish to reuse MonoDoc
a web-based documentation generator/browser. On the Mono site, I've read
"In the future we will have an ASP.NET front-end to present the
on the web as well". Is anyone doing active development on that front? Does 
anyone have a plan, or even just quick notes on what's required to achieve 

Is there currently a relatively simple (don't mind if it's ugly) known hack 
that I missed that would let me deliver Monodoc content on the web in a
of minutes (an hour would do :))?

Looking at the source I figured the easiest way, if using only the ECMA 
Provider (that's the only one I need myself...), would be to modify 
mono-ecma.xsl in order to prepend a cgi script in front of URLs, such as 
"monodoc.cgi?", and then have a cgi script that invokes 
"monodoc --html QUERY_STRING". 

The more generic way would be to have Providers support URL prepending, and 
have each of them implement it in whatever way it needs to (which, in the 
ECMA Provider's case, would require modifying the XSLT amongst other 

I believe this may be required no matter what, even if using ASP.NET instead

of basic CGI scripting, although I am not at all familiar with ASP.NET.

Anybody has ideas, does any of this make sense? 

Thanks for your time,