[Mono-docs-list] More work: monodoc browser.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
16 Jan 2003 22:22:09 -0500

Hey guys,

   I got the MonoDoc browser rendering pretty much everything.  Only
events and delegates are missing, but our friend Duncan will probably
get to do this before I do.

   Currently there is a problem: the documentation includes a markup
that we are not processing, so the output is far from ideal.  I need an
XSLT person to help me turn the ECMA XML markup into HTML.  

   This is not the whole thing, it is just the pieces included inside
the `summary' and `remark' nodes.    I have included a sample of the
file.  If someone could help me and write a nice XSLT thing that renders
this into HTML I would love you.

    A few screenshots:


Here is the stuff I have to convert into HTML:

   For example <para> can be turned into <p>, but <paramref
name="format"> should probably be turned into `<i>format</i>'.

   The <see cref="M:System.IO.TextWriter.WriteLine"> should become
something like: <a

          <para>The format specification in <paramref name="format" /> is invalid.</para>
          <para>The number indicating an argument to be formatted is less than zero, or greater than or equal to the number of provided objects to be formatted (3).</para>
          <para>This version of <see cref="M:System.IO.TextWriter.WriteLine" /> is equivalent to <see cref="M:System.IO.TextWriter.WriteLine" qualify="true" />(<see cref="M:System.String.Format(System.String,System.Object)" qualify="true" /> (<paramref name="format" />,
<paramref name="arg0" />, <paramref name="arg1" />, <paramref name="arg2" />)).</para>
          <block subset="none" type="note">
            <para>If the specified object is not referenced in the format string, it is
            <para>This method does not search the specified <see cref="T:System.String" /> for individual newline characters
   (hexadecimal 0x000a) and replace them with <see cref="P:System.IO.TextWriter.NewLine" />.</para>
            <block subset="none" type="behaviors">As
   described above.</block>

best wishes,