[Mono-docs-list] How to have more FUN documenting gtk-sharp

Duncan Mak duncan@ximian.com
21 Feb 2003 14:38:40 -0500


Look at Lee, look at Kevin, or Raphael! They look so happy, so

What's making them so happy, you ask? They're all writing documentation

As we all know, writing documentation for gtk-sharp is an immensely fun
thing to do, but in order to keep track of all the documentation
submission, let me introduce bug #38490

To make sure your submission don't get dropped on the floor, here's what
you can do:

	1) Before you start documenting a class, write a quick note here 	   to
make sure no one is duplicating the work.

	2) When you're done, post the first draft to bug #38490 and ask 	   for
review here by posting a link to the bug attachment.

	3) If you have to send revisions, post the new revision to the 	   bug
and clearly mark it as such with versioning numbers.

	4) Once a patch is reviewed, it'll be committed and a note will 	   be
posted on the bug saying so.

To make sure your submission is ready for commit:

	1) Keep the formatting consistent, use 2-space tabs. You can set 	  
your editor to do that for you.

	2) Remember, for the Summary, no <para> tags, and only one line. 	  
Short and concise are the keywords.

	3) For everything else, remember to start and end your <para> 	   tags.

        4) The layout *is* important. If you can build monodoc, you can
        run 'make b' to view it in the doc browser.
        5) To check that your edits to the xml is valid, use the
        'xmlllint' tool available from libxml2.
The Gtk# API is not set in stone, there are many flaws and there are
many places open for improvement. If you find anything particular, don't
hesitate and send a note to gtk-sharp-list and file bugs in bugzilla.

Do this a few times and you'll get CVS commit access, then you'll have
MORE fun!

Duncan Mak <duncan@ximian.com>