[Mono-docs-list] Want to contribute on mono.

Gaurav Vaish gvaish@adobe.com
Fri, 7 Feb 2003 19:42:36 +0530

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Subject: [Mono-docs-list] Want to contribute on mono.

> Hi,

Hello Yash,

> (1) Implement a Mail API, similar to Camel or JavaMail

    As already pointed out by Johannes about CSMail, it has reached fairly
decent stage, but still several of the key methods are left unimplemented,
especially those in Mime* classes.

> (2) An xsl tool to convert monodoc xml to html documentation.

    I have a very ambitious idea of having some framework like that of
doclet in java. For the same, I also spawned a project as 'CSDoc' but
finally settled to wait for monodoc to get mature. May be it's a time to go
back and have a look at it. I also want(ed) to have support for different
commenting styles - at least the xml (in cs env) and the javadoc styles.

    (Dummy Project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/csdoc)

    If you are willing to invest your energy in CSMail that will be very
great. The code currently is without any tests. Well, you are free to put in
your code anywhere you like. Just mail me and/or post at the website: the
patch. Once through, I can provide you the CVS access.

Happy Hacking,