[Mono-docs-list] browser.dll/exe split

miguel@ximian.com miguel@ximian.com
Tue, 30 Dec 2003 17:02:54 -0500 (EST)


>> Just had a random idea for monodoc. With #D we want a documentation
>> browser inline with the app, but to reinvent the wheel seems about as
>> retarded as can get. What about putting most of browser.exe into a
>> browser.dll with widgets like Index, Viewer, whatever so that we can
>> embed the great work already done, have one codebase, and gain inline
>> editing all at once?
> browser.dll is specifically designed *not* to use gtk-sharp. We could
> make browser-gui.dll, however this would require alot of refactoring. Am
> sure Miguel will not like that :P.

No need to refactor anything at all.

We install browser.exe as browser-gui.dll in the lib directory, and have
the monodoc script call that browser-gui.dll as its entry point.

SharpDevelop can then just "reference" browser-gui.dll (or whatever name)
and call some entry point to obtain the help or the widget or whatever
other thing that the MonoDevelop folks need.