[Mono-docs-list] Process information (about contributing).

Roberto Jimeno rjimeno2003@yahoo.com
Tue, 9 Dec 2003 11:36:06 -0800 (PST)

Hello, this is my first post to this list (which I've
been reading for only very few days).

I'm writing because yesterday I contirbuted a small
code sample using monodoc's integrated upload
function, and I'd like to know how is this going to be

Is it first queued waiting to be approved? Is it
automatically posted somewere on the web, or on some
mailing list? How can I be assured the contribution
isn't lost? How can I download the latest version of
monodoc information, so I have the most recent
documentation at hand?

I home these aren't too many questions.
Thanks for your help.

Roberto Jimeno

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