[Mono-docs-list] Offering C# Tutorial Documentation Help

Lenish Namath lnamath@phreaker.net
Mon, 08 Dec 2003 21:48:47 -0600

Carlos Alberto Cortez wrote:

> I wrote the entire class section (I don't know whuy Johannes put his
> name there), and I plan to finish it (and repare some mistakes) and the
> control nstructs section.

You might want to bring this up with Johannes to get your name up there.

> I'm going to talk to Miguel and see how to organize the documentation
> ina  good way.

Sure thing. There are quite a lot of errors and broken links.

> However, you can start working, and it would be perfect if you could
> tell me the section you are interested in, so w can avoid work on the
> same section ;)

Ok, I'll take chapters the following chapters for now.
5. Operators
7. Arrays