[Mono-docs-list] Gtk.Widget.Sensitive document patch

Gustavo Ramos gustavo.ramos@grmexico.com.mx
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 17:34:29 -0500

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Hello list,

I have two news for you. The good one is that I've written the documentation
for the property Gtk.Widget.Sensitive. The bad is -sorry Ben- i don't have
aspell, neither a working xmllint neither tidy, because some things in my
box are broken :(

I've diff'ed my file against Widget.xml from gtk-sharp-0.10, with
  diff -u Widget.xml MyWidgetDoc.xml > Widget.xml.diff

Hope it is elegible for checking in :)

Gustavo Ramos

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--- ./Widget.xml	2003-06-12 08:26:21.000000000 -0500=0A=
+++ /cygdrive/c/Temp/Widget.xml	2003-08-22 17:30:06.000000000 -0500=0A=
@@ -1765,10 +1765,33 @@=0A=
         <Parameter Name=3D"value" Type=3D"System.Boolean" />=0A=
-        <summary>To be added</summary>=0A=
-        <param name=3D"value">To be added: an object of type =
-        <returns>To be added: an object of type 'bool'</returns>=0A=
-        <remarks>To be added</remarks>=0A=
+        <summary>
+		Sets the sensitivity of a <see cref=3D"T:Gtk.Widget" />. A widget is
+		sensitive if the user can interact with it, otherwise, it is =
+        <param name=3D"value">A bool value. Set to true to enable the =
+		sensitivity.</param>=0A=
+        <returns>A bool value that indicates whether the control is
+		sensitive (enabled).</returns>=0A=
+        <remarks>
+		<para>Insensitive widgets are "grayed out" and the user can't
+		  interact with them. Insensitive widgets are known as
+		  "inactive", "disabled", or "ghosted" in some other toolkits.
+		  The sensitivity of a widget determines whether it will receive
+		  certain events (e.g. button or key presses).</para>
+		<para>
+		  If the ancestor (parent) widget sesitivity is set to false,
+		  it does not matter what the sensitivity property have,
+		  the widget will not be sensitive. Use
+		  <c>widget.Parent.Sensitive</c>
+		  to check whether the ancestor widget is sensitive or not.
+		</para>
+		<seealso cref=3D"P:Gtk.Widget.Parent" />
+		<seealso cref=3D"M:Gtk.Widget.GetAncestor(uint)" />
+		<para>
+		  When the sensitive property is set to false, the widget
+		  property <see cref=3D"P:Gtk.Widget.CanDefault" /> will return =
+		</para>
+		</remarks>=0A=
     <Member MemberName=3D"Events">=0A=