[Mono-docs-list] Small monodoc-web bug

Todd Berman tberman@gentoo.org
Thu, 14 Aug 2003 14:06:07 -0400

It looks like you are sending N: and T: and having client side
javascript add it here:

return '" + ctx.Request.Path + @"?link=' + link.replace(/\+/g, '%2B');

(that is from monodoc.ashx and it is from the js function makeLink
inside the c# function PrintDocs)

I am pretty sure that's what is happening, specially considering I
helped BenM with that part of the code :)


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> I am assuming that IE itself puts the file:/// there because of the
> being N:, T:, etc.
> I am not 100% sure though, and the raw html doesn't have them:

Although we never send back a plain N: thing, we send something like:


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